Monday, 21 December 2015

In this short blog post, I'm going to be sharing a very effective dieting method by Brian Flatt called the 3 Week Diet. This clever strategy has helped many people lose a significant amount of weight.

(If you'd rather watch the video, you can visit the official 3 week diet website by clicking here)

Firstly.. it's important to know that the 3 week diet is a little on the extreme side. Having said that, it's a very manageable plan and 21 days fly by in no time. With most diets, you're looking at 3-4 months before seeing any significant results. The 3 week diet is designed for people who want to see visible results much faster than that.

So what exactly is the 3 Week Diet? Well there are 4 different phases..

Days 1-7 - Detox!

This part of the plan lasts for 7 days and it's all about detoxing your liver. Probably the hardest part of the whole plan but it's so worth it. If you find yourself lacking energy or needing coffee in the morning, then this could be exactly what you need. The author, Brian Flatt also recommends taking vitamin supplements. (Although this isn't necessary, just advised)

Day 8 - The 24 Hour Fast (Optional)

This part is optional but can make a big difference. The idea is to give your digestive system a rest and cleanse any toxins left in the body.

Days 9-12 - Eating FAT To Lose Fat?

This part actually surprises most people but in this phase you will be getting 80% of your calories from fat. Yes you read that correctly. This will signal your liver to start burning fat for fuel and you will notice the pounds begin to melt off. (It's still one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to fat loss)

Days 12-21 - Calorie Restriction

You will gradually begin to eat normally towards the final stage of the diet. It is based off your own unique BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate). Once inside you will have your personal BMR that will calculate exactly how many calories you need in order to reach your goals. Don't worry, this isn't as confusing as it sounds. Brian explains everything you need to know.


* Rapid weight loss in just 21 days.

 No gym membership required.

* You can rinse and repeat the 3 week diet. Vacation next month? No problem.

* It's interesting to learn the science of fat loss in a way that's easy to understand.

* You can eat anything you like once you complete the diet. (So long as you stick to the BMR rule)


* Vitamin supplements are recommended which can be expensive. (Although you can still complete the 3 week diet without them.)

* Willpower needed. This isn't a 'magic pill' solution

So yeah there it is. I've had some time off recently and I really wanted to write this up and post it online. Apologies if I've made any errors as it's my first ever blog post!

So if you're struggling to lose weight, remember it can be done with the right plan. There are already so many success stories, so hopefully 21 days from now, you can be the next one. If you want to get started and see all the awesome testimonials, Click Here.

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